SG All-Granular
SG All-Granular
SG All-Granular
SG All-Granular

SG All-Granular

Steel Green Manufacturing is now offering zero-turn all-granular spreaders with up to 550 pounds of capacity and up to 25′ variable spread width. The heavy-duty stainless steel chassis is long-lasting and durable to withstand long-term commercial use and a stainless steel side deflector offers increased perimeter efficiency and directional control.

All-granular options are now available on all machine sizes (SG52, SG46, SG42, SG36).

SG52-All Granular:
SG46-All Granular:
SG42-All Granular:
SG36-All Granular:

* Listed equipment prices are for standard models without attachments and do not include freight.

Accessories and Attachments

Patent-Pending Hillside Stability System

sprayer spreader light kit

Light Kit