Steel Green Introduces SGXL and Two Prototypes at Equip Exposition

PUBLISHED ON October 14, 2022

Louisville, KY—Steel Green Manufacturing will introduce its largest sprayer yet, the SGXL, and two prototype machines to attendees at Equip Exposition this week. The prototypes include the SG36-EV spreader/sprayer and the SG54 high-volume sprayer.

The SGXL is a multifunction applicator with industry-leading capacity and versatility. A 120-gallon spray capacity makes it ideal for lawn care professionals who service commercial or large residential lawns.

The SGXL features a 35-horsepower Kawasaki engine, 100-foot hose reel, 2.5-gallon foam marker, LED light bar, hillside assist system, and pressure control system. Its 12-mph transport speed and 27-gpm centrifugal pump save time at a time when efficiency is everything. The Steel Green team developed the SGXL to meet the need for a larger, more versatile machine for turf grass professionals. Taking prototypes to trade shows and use sites over the past year, the team received valuable feedback to design a machine that provides exceptional comfort and stability without requiring much storage space.

Standing firm on innovation, Steel Green is excited to introduce two new prototypes at Equip Exposition this week. The SG36-EV will be the first all-electric ride-on spreader/sprayer on the market. The SG54 high-volume sprayer has a 100-gallon spray tank for efficient liquid applications.

Steel Green will also exhibit familiar favorites at Equip, including the SG36, SG46, and SG52. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to demo the SG Rake attachment, which transforms a Steel Green spreader/sprayer into a dethatcher and seeding rake.