Steel Green Reveals New Spreader/Sprayer Options

PUBLISHED ON October 21, 2021

At the 2021 GIE+EXPO, Steel Green Manufacturing exhibited their full line of zero-turn spreader/sprayers and revealed new options for 2022 models.

The Indiana-based equipment manufacturer first debuted its equipment in 2018.

“We have received priceless feedback from lawn care operators and have innovated to meet their evolving needs,” said Brent Mills, Co-founder and Senior Product Specialist.

Steel Green displayed its 2022 spreader/sprayers that come standard with a newly redesigned foot-activated parking brake. The wheel motors have integrated drum brakes on both sides that can now be activated with the operator’s foot rather than by hand.

For added hillside security, Steel Green introduced a new accessory that locks the front caster wheels. Steel Green announced that its hillside stability system is patent-pending and now available as an option for new machines or can be installed on older Steel Green spreader/sprayers.

Other new customization options included a pressure control system and a 12’ boom. The pressure control system maintains spray pressure while turning on and off nozzles. The new boom option provides an adjustable spray width of up to 12’ and is available on the SG52 and SG46.

The company also featured the SG Attachment Kit designed to transform the Steel Green spreader/sprayer into a multi-purpose machine. The kit includes the hydraulic system, joystick valve, hoses, brackets, and fittings and is compatible with the SG Snowplow as well as two attachments that will soon be available—a rake and aerator.

“The rake attachment is a versatile tool for dethatching and seeding,” said Scot Jones, Co-founder and Senior Product Specialist. “You can save time by preparing the soil and spreading seed in one pass, and the down pressure is easily adjusted for overseeding an existing lawn or preparing bare ground for seeding a new lawn.”

Earlier this year, Steel Green relaunched its SG46 spreader/sprayer, increasing the liquid capacity from 30 gallons to 50 gallons. Even with the added capacity, the SG46 is compact enough to fit through a 48-inch gate, and it can hold up to 320 pounds of granular product.

Steel Green spreader/sprayers offer a robust set of standard equipment features, including a Donaldson® air cleaner, stainless steel side deflector, overfill protection, tank sump with drain, easy-access nozzles, Spyker® granular system, and ergonomic control center.

Other Steel Green customization options include a 2.5-gallon foam marker, 7-gallon independent chemical tank, 35-gallon complete drain rectangle tank, dual pumps, dual nozzle boom, and light kit.

“We’re thrilled to be back at the GIE+EXPO this year,” said Co-founder and Sales Manager, Matt Smith. “With exciting new features to unveil, it’s especially valuable for us to be here in person with the lawn care operators we serve. All of our products are designed with them in mind, so we’re always eager to get our machines in front of the end-users and hear their feedback.”