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SG Snowplow


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Instead of letting your spreader-sprayer sit unused all winter long, turn it into a powerful sidewalk snow-removing machine with up to 350 pounds of salt-spreading capacity. When snow season is over, uninstalling the plow is simple and you’ll be back to fertilizing in no time.

Made with all stainless-steel construction, the SG Snowplow resists corrosion from salt and liquid deicer. It features a poly plow blade, which is lighter and stronger than comparable steel plows. Live hydraulics control the plow angle, down pressure, lift, and float with a single joystick valve. The rubber cutting edge scrapes clean without damaging sensitive areas, and LED lights provide ample light.

The SG Snowplow is compatible with Steel Green Manufacturing models SG36*, SG42*, SG46 and SG52 and 2015 and newer Z Spray® Mid (Intermediate) and Z Spray® Max[1]. Machine modifications may be required to install the SG Snowplow on spreader/sprayers made by other manufacturers. Refer to the installation guide for instructions.

*A $300 upcharge fee applies for the SG36 and SG42. SG Attachment kit sold separately.

[1] Z Spray® is a registered trademark of The Toro Company.



Straight plow width:
Angled plow width:
Blade height: