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Instead of letting your spreader-sprayer sit unused all winter long, turn it into a plow and maximize your investment. When snow season is over, uninstalling the plow is simple and you’ll be back to fertilizing in no time.

Made with all stainless-steel construction, the SG Snowplow resists corrosion from salt and liquid deicer. It features a poly plow blade, which is lighter and stronger than comparable steel plows. Live hydraulics control the plow angle, down pressure, lift, and float with a single joystick valve. The rubber cutting edge scrapes clean without damaging sensitive areas, and LED lights provide ample light.

The SG Snowplow is compatible with Steel Green Manufacturing models SG36*, SG42*, SG46 and SG52. The most productive Steel Green model, the SG52, provides 60 gallons of liquid capacity and holds up to 7 bags of granular salt.

The SG Snowplow comes with the 52” plow, an all-stainless-steel attachment frame, winter tires assembly, LED lights, and attachment kit. The attachment kit includes hydraulics, hoses, brackets, and fittings, and will be compatible with other attachments available from Steel Green Manufacturing in the future.

The SG Snowplow is also available with an attachment kit that is compatible with 2015 and newer Z Spray® Mid (Intermediate), Z Spray® Max1 and Z Spray® Junior 36*.

Machine modifications may be required to install the SG Snowplow on spreader/sprayers made by other manufacturers. Refer to the installation guide for instructions.

*A $300 upcharge fee applies for the SG36, SG42, and Z Spray® Junior 36

[1] Z Spray® is a registered trademark of The Toro Company.

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