Steel Green 46 – 42.6 hours – Lots of upgrades

Equipment Information

  • 2021
  • Steel Green
  • 42.6
  • SG46
  • $15,500
  • SG46-21275

-Steel Green 46″ purchased new in August of 2021

-The machine only has 42.6 hours on it.

-Kawasaki engine, 2 years of warranty left

-Upgraded to the dual pump system, which allows for better circulation back into the spray tanks plus higher spray volume if desired and if one pump goes out you can still get by with the other pump.

-Two 25 gallon main spray tanks.

-75 foot hose reel with spray gun to reach hard to get to areas.

-220 Lb hopper capacity, plus a place to hold another 50 lb bag

-7 gallon auxillary tank for spot treating.

-With sales tax I paid $18,164.35 for the machine when I bought it new and they are even more now. This machine is basically discounted almost $3000 for a weeks worth of use.

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