Feel the power and productivity of the SG52 zero-turn sprayer-spreader machine.

With its dual 30-gallon spray tanks, Spyker 225-pound hydraulic-driven granular system, and high-density poly fertilizer trays, the SG52 holds up to 60 gallons of liquid and 325 pounds of granular product. Steel Green machines feature a decked out 21-horsepower engine and standard integrated 20/50 amp charging system, making them the most powerful stand-on sprayer-spreaders on the market today.



Spray Capacity

60 gal

Spray Width

2’ or 6’ or 8’ or 10’

Hopper Capacity

225 lbs

Variable Spread Width

up to 25’


  • 1-Gallon Foam Marker

  • 2-Gallon Foam Marker

  • 35-Gallon Complete Drain Rectangle Tank

  • 7-Gallon Independent Chemical Tank

  • High-Volume Roller Pump

    Hypro® Ni-Resist 4-Roller 12-Volt DC