Enhancing Golf Course Management with the SGXL: A Game-Changer for Elwood Golf Links

Matt Smith written by Matt Smith
sgxl at elwood golf links

elwood links course managerThe right equipment can make all the difference; for Doc O’Neal, the ideal piece of equipment for Elwood Golf Links Golf Course turned out to be the SGXL.

O’Neal has been in the golf industry for 30 years and is currently the Vice President of O’Neal Golf Management. Doc manages Elwood Golf Links and four other golf courses in partnership with his son, Colin O’Neal, the President of O’Neal Golf Management.

After several years of managing Elwood Golf Links and relying on contractors to make applications to their tees and greens, O’Neal and his team secured city approval to purchase equipment for in-house applications.

Following a strong recommendation from an industry colleague and consulting with Steel Green Manufacturing, O’Neal and his team opted for the SGXL.

Months after the purchase, O’Neil still feels strongly that the decision to buy the SGXL remains well-suited for his course. This confidence rests on a few key reasons, with affordability playing a significant role.

“We didn’t have the budget to buy the larger machines with the 200-300 gallon tanks,” O’Neal said. “And we did not need them for what we wanted to use them for. The more affordable SGXL could fulfill our needs just as well as the larger machines.”

elwood golf course using sgxl

He added, “There are a lot of places that would love to have this piece of equipment and the freedom that comes with it, especially those in similar situations that don’t have the economics to be able to buy a machine and have to count on somebody else.”

Another reason O’Neal still feels the SGXL was a good fit for his course is the SGXL’s ease of use.

“Training on the SGXL wasn’t a long process because of how easy the machine is to use,” O’Neal said. “Once you get out there, you only need to train on it briefly to adapt and get the job done.”

O’Neal noted that the SGXL’s user-friendly technology further enhances its ease of use.

“Some sprayers on the market incorporate extensive technology, and with that comes a learning curve,” O’Neal said. “The SGXL still incorporates technology; it’s just presented in a more user-friendly manner. Emptying that 120-gallon tank is a pretty straightforward process.”

The SGXL’s maneuverability is yet another reason O’Neal feels the SGXL is a good match for his course.

“Because the SGXL is a zero-turn sprayer,” O’Neal said, “It’s easy to maneuver around greens and their hills, valleys, bunkers, and everything else after you’ve gotten the hang of it.”

O’Neal added, “Small areas are not a big deal for the SGXL. It can get in there and turn easily, making it a nice asset.”

The last reason O’Neal feels the SGXL was the correct choice for his course is Steel Green’s excellent customer service. Although he hasn’t required any parts or machine repairs, he did encounter a few questions along the way. What truly stood out was Steel Green’s swift response time when addressing those questions.

“We haven’t needed a part or anything repaired,” O’Neal said. “But we have had inquiries, and Steel Green’s response time is top-notch every time. They are Johnny on the spot.”

Now that the SGXL has proven to be the perfect equipment for O’Neal and course, Steel Green looks forward to seeing him and his course reach new heights.

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