4 Popular Ways to Customize a Steel Green

Matt Smith written by Matt Smith
customizable steel green machine

As a landscape contractor or grounds professional, you know best when it comes to what equipment you require to get the job done. At Steel Green, we understand this, and that’s why we offer options to customize our machines to fit your needs. Read on to learn what customizations are the most popular among our customers.

Hillside Assist

spreader/sprayer model

The Hillside Stability System is an optional feature available on all Steel Green spreader/sprayer models, including the SG36, SG42, SG46, SG52, and SGXL. Hillside assist allows the operator to lock and unlock the front caster wheels on the machine for increased stability on uneven terrain, improving safety and efficiency.

  • Customization advantage #1: The castor wheels hydraulically engage and disengage without linkages, which keeps the castor wheels from getting stuck in the engaged position while on a hillside or bend.
  • Customization advantage #2: Operators are not required to stand on a pedal to keep castor wheels engaged. One flip of a switch on the dash, and they are engaged. If needed, the operator can stop, get off the machine and get back on, and the castors will stay engaged.

2.5-Gallon Foam Marker

2.5 gallon foam marker

The 2.5-gallon foam maker marks sprayed areas, allowing the operator to increase spray accuracy and prevent double coverage.

  • Customization advantage #1: Worry-free applications. In some situations, tracks or fertilizer may not be visible, like when the sun gets in your eyes or when taking care of low-cut lawns or sports fields. In other situations, you may lose your way. You might forget precisely where you left off on a large property after refilling, or a customer may distract you. In any case, you can get right back on track when the 2.5-gallon foam marker is installed on your machine because you can’t miss the white foam.
  • Customization advantage #2: Dye is no longer needed.
  • Customization advantage #3: We now offer a 2.5-gallon system that drops foam on both sides at the same time.

35-Gallon Auxillary Tank

35-gallon auxillary tank

The 35-gallon auxiliary tank adds additional spray capacity to the SG46 and SG52 and is essential to creating an all-liquid machine.

  • Customization advantage #1: Replace the hopper and granular system on the SG46 or SG52 to build an all-liquid sprayer that holds up to 95 gallons. Upgrade to dual pumps to spray up to 2 gallons per thousand square feet, and select the dual boom option for the ability to spray high– and low–volume applications simultaneously.
  • Customization advantage #2: Spray different chemicals in one application.

7-Gallon Independent Tank

7-gallon independent tank

The 7–gallon independent tank holds chemicals independently of the primary spray tanks and comes with its own pump, pressure regulator, and 15-foot coil hose.

  • Customization advantage #1: Ideal for spot spraying. Applying granular fertilizer round one, but need to spot spray weeds? No problem. Spread granular fertilizer out of the hopper and use the 7-gallon independent tank to spot spray for weeds as you go.
  • Customization advantage #2: Save time. Shave off time in your day by having multiple chemicals on hand. Spray for broadleaves from your main tanks and quickly switch to sedge control by conveniently having it in the 7-gallon independent tank—no need to stop and change chemicals.
  • Customization advantage #3: Waste fewer products. Putting different chemicals in separate tanks means less chemical mixing and thus less waste.

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2 thoughts on “4 Popular Ways to Customize a Steel Green

  1. What tips do guys usually run for all liquid applications? I have a 22’ SG46 set up for granular and run lavender tips. I am considering doing an all liquid app.

    1. Sorry i didnt see this message till now I was not aware of these types of messages through our webstore, usually customers run the grey 1 gallon or light green XRC 1.5 gallon per k nozzles on all liquid units. The 1.5 would required a second pump be added to keep up with that rate. Feel free to email [email protected] for more questions.


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