Answers to Your Maintenance FAQs Volume II

Matt Smith written by Matt Smith
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maintenance faq

A little while ago, we asked if you had a machine maintenance question you’d like us to answer. We gathered all your questions and answered them below. 

How often should I change the hydro fluid?

The hydro fluid should be changed at 500 hours.

Is it important to get all the hydro fluid out?

No, just change the oil in the tank and filter. Do not try to get the rest of the oil out of the system. This can cause air to get into the system, and it can be difficult to get it out.

To prolong life: is there any reason to run the engine and hydros at less than full throttle?

It is recommended to run the engine at full throttle to provide the maximum amount of voltage for the electrical system and the maximum amount of hydraulic pressure to maintain consistent spinner and drive speed.

Should the hydro drive belts be replaced on a set schedule or just when they snap?

Inspect the hydro drive belts monthly and replace if there are signs of wear.

What have you documented as the biggest killer of hydro systems/components?

The belt tensioner is self-adjusting, so the only maintenance is greasing the idler arm.

How do I keep the stainless rust-free, or what is the best way to clean it?

Typically, if you see rust on the stainless components of your machine, it’s caused by products with iron in them. Regularly cleaning your machine will reduce the chances of this becoming an issue.

What is the best way to clean salt brine out of tanks?

Rinse the tank with plenty of water and look at using a tank cleaning additive.

How do you keep fertilizer from getting all over the motor or behind the spreader?

We have added shields on the newer machines that help with the fertilizer getting back to the engine. These shields can also be added to older machines, but it is impossible to stop all of it, so blowing the machine off daily and washing regularly will help to prevent corrosion.

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