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For the past few months, we’ve been answering your machine maintenance questions on our social media. Check down below to see if we’ve answered any of your questions. 

How much grease do I need in the hopper bearing?

The hopper bearing is a snap-in nylon bushing that keeps products from falling out around the spinner shaft. It will need to be changed as it wears away and does not need additional lubrication. 

My parking brake doesn’t seem to be very effective. Is there any maintenance that can help?

Out parking brake doesn’t need regular servicing unless it had been driven while engaged. Only a few adjustments should be needed over its life. Check out the video below to learn how to adjust the parking brake.


Is it easy to get 1.5 gallons per K from a Steel Green machine?

Yes, with dual pumps and proper spray nozzles, this rate can be achieved easily. 

What is the best way to clean a Steel Green after using fertilizer?

Blowing your machine off daily is a best practice. If you do wash the unit, dry it thoroughly and let it run, and warm up to ensure the engine is dry. This is also the best time to apply anti-corrosion product anywhere you see fit. 

Why do Steel Green units not have dampeners on the hydro controls?

Our hydro pumps use a spring system to return to neutral, and they have been tuned to operate in a manner that many prefer. 

Have you come up with a drain plug for the saddle tanks?

Our green side tanks do have a drain. The earlier models will have a plug in the bottom, and the new models have a quick-release elbow that can easily be removed for draining. If this question pertains to the small, 7-gallon tank on the rear, the tank can be drained by taking off the filter cup on the bottom.

How easy is it to replace the hopper bushing and impeller?

You can either drop the shaft out of the motor or remove the impeller and then pull the motor with the shaft still connected to it so that you can get the new bushing installed The shaft is held into the coupler by a bolt, and the motor is mounted with two bolts into the hopper. 

How do I replace the drive belt?

Find out how to replace the drive belt in the video below.

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