Dashing Through the Snow

Matt Smith written by Matt Smith
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Living in Ontario, Canada, Greg Burghall, President of GroGreen Lawn Care, is no stranger to snow. Burghall goes out an average of 10 to 20 times during an Ontario winter season to remove snow on his customers’ sidewalks and driveways, all the while battling storms that can lay down 18 inches and temperatures that can fall to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. With those conditions, Burghall needs efficient equipment, and his single-and dual-stage snow blowers were not cutting it anymore.

Consequently, when Steel Green came out with the SG Snowplow attachment for sprayer/spreader machines, Burghall jumped at the opportunity to purchase one, and the move swiftly paid off. By the end of the season, the SG Snowplow had made Burghall’s business more efficient and helped maximize the investment he had in his sprayer/spreader.

“Because the SG Snowplow keeps my sprayer/spreader from sitting unused all winter,” Burghall explained, “I can continuously make money and capitalize on the investment I put into the unit.”

By putting his existing equipment to work during the off-season, the SG Snowplow helped Burghall reduce the man hours required for snow removal and make the work less taxing on his crew.

“The SG Snowplow makes the work a lot faster,” Burghall said. “On some of our routes, we used to spend 16-18 hours removing snow after a nasty storm and 12 hours after a milder storm. We were able to get that down to about between 8 and 10 hours for the same routes with the SG Snowplow.”

He added, “I have three properties in a row next door to each other, and they used to take us about an hour and a half to do. Now, we’re averaging about 15 minutes for all three.”

GroGreen’s snow removal business works primarily on residential driveways and sidewalks that traditional plows don’t work well on, but the versatility and maneuverability of the SG Snowplow are perfect for these situations.

“The SG Snowplow’s ability to remove snow on these surfaces, next to cars, and in small spaces quickly makes our snow removal business easier to run,” said Burghall.

Burghall was impressed with how simple it is to install and uninstall the SG Snowplow attachment for a speedy transition from fertilizing to snow removal and back again if needed.

“When I took the SG Snowplow and its attachment kit off after the snow removal season, it took just over half an hour,” Burghall said. “That was it. Then, I was ready for the lawn care season.”

Additionally, he said, “If you need to transition back to snow removal because of an unexpected storm, it’s just as easy. The SG Snowplow does not need to be taken apart completely. I take the plow itself off the machine and put it out of the way. When I need to transition back to snow removal, all I have to do is reattach the plow. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes.”

According to Burghall, snow removal preceding the SG Snowplow typically required long hours, during which he frequently dealt with a lot of heavy slush and wet snow that made his equipment fatiguing to use. After acquiring the SG Snowplow, he found the heavy slush and wet snow were drastically easier to take care of and made his work less taxing.

“We have several properties that are really wide,” Burghall said. “When removing snow on them with a snow blower, you have to throw the snow two or three times to get it over to the edge, and each time you move the snow, it gets heavier and heavier as it condenses. This makes you tired quickly.”

He continued, “With the SG Snowplow, it’s just like plowing. You can push the snow right off, and you don’t have to throw it multiple times. It reduces fatigue a lot, especially when you’re already tired at four in the morning.”

In regards to the tiring nature of snow removal, Burghall also said he has been able to go through some deep snow without much labor at all.

“We received one snowfall that was about 18 inches,” Burghall said, “But with the SG Snowplow, pushing was no problem. I went through some really deep snow without much effort at all.”

If you’re in snow removal and looking for a better way to clear driveways and sidewalks, take it from Burghall, “Now that I’ve experienced the SG Snowplow in action, I’m never going back to my old equipment. It’s just dramatically better.”

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