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Matt Smith written by Matt Smith
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Bizzell Nursery & Lawn Care has been a staple in the Sikeston, MO, community for over 40 years, offering, among other services, lawn fertilizing, weed control, mowing, custom landscape design, and even a fully stocked nursery. How have they been able to offer their wide range of services for so long? They believe in treating their customers like family.

That’s why, when Dwight Bizzell, vice president and head of spraying services, first came across Steel Green Manufacturing, he knew he would be partnering with them for his company’s spreader/sprayer equipment.

“We treat our customers like family,” Bizzell said. “And so does Steel Green.”

To Bizzell and his company, treating customers like family means creating trust, being responsive, and genuinely caring about their needs. Bizzell believes Steel Green exemplifies these virtues with their exceptional customer support and parts service.

“If you’re running a machine 9 to 10 hours a day, something is going to wear out and need to be replaced,” Bizzell said. “You need to know the company you work with understands this and is motivated to get the replacement parts to you quickly.”

He continued, “If you call Steel Green before 10 am, you can trust those parts are going to be on your doorstep in the next 24-48 hours. There’s no other company in the same league when it comes to customer service, especially when it comes to parts.”

Bizzell also believes treating customers like family means going the extra mile for them. He experienced this first-hand from Steel Green Manufacturing when he had a machine go down.

“I had a machine go down one day, and it was going to be a big ordeal,” Bizzell said. “I called Steel Green, and the next day they sent one of their mechanically inclined sales reps, Kodi Quinlisk, to assist me.”

He added, “With Kodi’s help, a two-day job turned a few hour job. We were able to quickly get the machine back out in the field, producing revenue. It was a huge thing for them to do for us.”

Bizzell has experienced Steel Green’s extra mile approach when ordering his machines, too. Steel Green completely customized them to fit his application needs.

“When we were customizing our SG36 and SG52 zero-turn spreader/sprayers, Steel Green listened to me explain what we wanted the first time, even bringing in my dealer rep, and built it. No shortcuts. They make it happen,” said Bizzell.

He pointed out, “Ordering a custom machine can be difficult sometimes, but Steel Green has turned the process into something that is considered normal now. They’ve got it down pat.”

Located in the transition zone, the lawn care company deals with a mixture of warm-season and cool-season lawns. Bizzell’s custom Steel Green machines—with options for spraying two different chemicals simultaneously through the dual boom system while also spreading granular—make applications on the different lawn types easier.

“If I didn’t have customized machines,” Bizzell said. “I couldn’t spray a warm-season lawn with a chemical and then go straight next door to a cool-season lawn. I would have to route a whole different day for a certain type of lawn. Our efficiency has just been maximized.”

Speaking of efficiency, according to Bizzell, switching to Steel Green is a must to boost the amount of production you are doing, even when your not dealing with transition zone grasses.

“Before we purchased a Steel Green machine, we were limited on how much we could get done in a day,” Bizzell said. “Having to walk a lawn or pull a hose just made us completely worn out by the end of the day. Now, we’re easily able to keep running from sunup to sundown.”

He also mentioned, “The different sizes of lawns is less of a factor with a Steel Green, too. We can go from a 3,000 square foot yard, utilizing the wand on the machine or our SG 36, and then go onto a 17-acre cemetery with our SG52. You can use them on everything.”

While the increase in efficiency is excellent, Bizzell believes Steel Green’s most significant selling point is still treating its customers like family.

“When your part of a family,” Bizzell said. “You know your family is fully committed to your success. Since Steel Green treats you like family, you know they will continue to work hard and help you in any way they can, so you can succeed.”

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