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In the 34 years One Two Tree has proudly served the South Florida community, it has grown from a two crew tree service to a 50-employee, 3-location, full-service green industry business offering tree service, pest control, lawn care, and hurricane clean-up. Marc Terwilliger, President and CEO of One Two Tree, credits the quality of their work and keeping up with advances in techniques, machinery, and products as driving factors for their past growth and success.

Keeping up with advances in machinery is what led Terwilliger to Steel Green Manufacturing.

“When I saw one of the Steel Green machines at a green industry event,” Terwilliger said, “I knew it was going to improve our business. Steel Green listened to their customers and fixed and tweaked gaps in ride-on sprayer/spreader technology that were needed, like making the pumps bigger and more heavy-duty.”

The machines Terwilliger purchased did indeed improve his business; they made his company and employees more efficient.

“Our previous equipment was just too big for mid-sized lawns, and that slowed down our production,” Terwilliger said. “Our techs would have to park, walk a property with a sprayer hose to make applications, and then, depending on the next customer’s location, possibly have to park and do the whole process over again.”

He added, “The addition of our Steel Green machines changed that. For instance, with an SG52, you can pull into the tighter areas of a mid-sized yard, like around trees or landscape beds, even make a gradual turn while still fertilizing, and then head back into the larger areas of the yard. You can go right to the next customer’s yard without worrying about pulling a hose, too. Production increases.”

Steel Green increases production and saves time by giving applicators the flexibility to spread granular and spray liquid simultaneously.

“We spray 85% liquid fertilizer, but we do occasionally put down granular and need to spot spray,” Terwilliger said. “The older equipment we have doesn’t have the capability to switch easily to a different app like the Steel Greens.”

He continued, “Because Steel Greens are highly versatile, my techs can make a granular or liquid application on a property. Then, after discovering a weed, make a spot spray and drive to the next customer without another step. They do not have to stop and go back for a backpack sprayer. It’s a time-saver.”

Terwilliger also credits the increased production to the reduced fatigue of spray technicians.

“Our techs were worn out at the end of the day because they were dragging a hose all day long,” Terwilliger said. “The Steel Green machines do about 90% of the work, which reduces this fatigue and absolutely helps increase our production.”

Terwilliger appreciates the efficiencies his Steel Green machines have brought to One Two Tree, but he is most excited about their ability to increase business.

“Our Steel Green machines have absolutely increased the number of accounts we have,” Terwilliger said. “Because we are now more efficient, we were able to schedule more lawns in a day. Before, we could maybe only do six accounts per day. Now, we can do three additional accounts per day. The machines are paying for themselves over and over.”

Lines to call out:

The Steel Green machines do about 90% of the work, which reduces this fatigue and absolutely helps increase our production.

The machines are paying for themselves over and over.

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